About BodyHype


Founded in 1991, BodyHype Dance Company is a selective, student-run company based in Princeton University recognized for its innovative choreography as well as an intimate connection with its audience. We challenge all of our members, including freshmen, to choreograph and perform in diverse styles. BodyHype explores all forms of dance including hip-hop, modern, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, tap, and breaking. BodyHype is an eclectic group of people: our members currently train/have trained with ABT, Alvin Ailey, Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, School of American Ballet, Walnut Hill, The Edge in LA and Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Our members are also varsity athletes, entrepreneurs, photographers, cinematographers, scientists, choreographers, actors, writers and musicians.


Because BodyHype is a small company, members have the unique opportunity of performing in several pieces during each bi-annual show. This allows each dancer to try out a wide variety of different styles, regardless of their background, and be cast in both large and small groups. Over the course of just one show, the audience gets to know every member of the company. Theatre Intime, which hosts almost all of BodyHype’s shows, facilitates an intimate connection with the audience members, who are some of the most enthusiastic on Princeton’s campus. BodyHype dancers thrive off of the hyped crowds cheering “Body! Body!”, making each BodyHype perfomance a truly unique experience for everyone involved.