Frequently Asked Questions

BodyHype maintains itself as a small company (currently about 42 members) of both men and women who work together to produce innovative and entertaining choreography and dancing. As a small company, BodyHype values versatile and engaging dancers, challenging all to choreograph and perform in diverse styles. Members of BodyHype have the opportunity to dance in multiple performances per year, each time amongst dancers and friends dedicated to proficiency in technique, choreography, and performance quality. Most importantly, our small size really allows for a tight-knit group of best friends that study together, dance together, and party together!
It's a long list! Varsity sports, sprint football, crew, swimming and diving; Triangle Club, Princeton University Players, a capella groups; Princeton Performing Arts Council, University Center for the Creative and Performing Arts Council, Princeton Theater and Dance Department; Fashion Speaks, Tae Kwan Do tournaments, campus jobs; fraternity and sorority members, religious groups, Eating Clubs, Study Abroad programs. In other words, the commitment to the company is a real but workable arrangement. And, our members rock.
The red BodyHype jackets are well known at Princeton. People certainly know when they see red posters covering campus that it’s that time of year again — our shows are held during Reading Period as a welcome diversion from the (incessant) studying. We look forward to tech week as a time to bond and to embrace other Princeton students as stage managers, lighting designers, and sound operators, without whom the show wouldn’t go on! Consistently sold out, our shows are a blast both for performers and audience members. Join the "BodyHype Dance Company" Facebook fan page to keep updated!
BodyHype dancers of all years are very active in Princeton University’s Dance Department. BodyHype Dancers participate in dance courses offered, and many pursue certificates from the Program in Dance. Company members perform in the Princeton Dance Festival and Senior Thesis Performances each year. After graduation, some BodyHype alumni have even worked with the Dance Department as choreographers assistants and in administrative roles. Though as a student organization BodyHype has no formal affiliation with the dance department, we maintain a respectful relationship with the department and enjoy good rapport with the dance department's professors and administrators. If you have any questions about managing a commitment to both BodyHype and the Dance Department, please contact:
  • Maia Ezratty '18 at
  • Ayla Allen ’18 at
BodyHype holds two auditions per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. All Princeton students are encouraged to audition, regardless of previous dance experience. We look for dynamic dancers who can entertain a crowd and who show us that they have fun on stage. There are three major sections of BodyHype auditions: doing across the floor exercises, showing off improv, and learning/performing choreographed combinations in two styles (typically lyrical and hip hop). These three components allow us to see not only your technical skill and your ability to pick up choreography, but your personal dance style, too! BodyHype auditions are important, but they’re also light-hearted. We have fun at them, and we want you to, too! Check the Auditions page more information and for dates and locations of upcoming auditions.
Alumni return every year to attend BodyHype shows, where they have reserved seating and the instructions to cheer as loudly as possible. In addition, select alumni return as guest choreographers to produce pieces for the current company. There is a strong BodyHype alumni network, especially in New York City, but spanning the US all the way to San Francisco. If you would like to stay connected with BH alumni, please contact former BH President Amy Achenbaum at